Dr. Gianluca Garzetti

Dr. Massimo Panizza

One-Stage Full Mouth Instrumentation (OSFMI): Clinical Outcomes of an Innovative Protocol for the Treatment of Severe Periodontitis

Aims: This case series study aimed to assess the clinical outcomes of a novel protocol

for the treatment of patients with severe periodontitis.

Materials and Methods: Twenty (20) patients with severe periodontitis underwent a single session of One-Stage Full-Mouth Instrumentation (OSFMI) involving supra- and sub-gingival air-polishing with erythritol and chlorhexidine powder and ultrasonic root surface debridement and calculus removal, in association with systemic amoxicillin and metronidazole. Pocket Probing Depth (PPD), Clinical Attachment Level (CAL), Recession (REC), Bleeding on Probing (BOP) and Plaque Index (PI) were collected at baseline (T0), 6 weeks (T1), 3 months (T2) and 6 months (T3).

Results: At 6 months, 30% of subjects reached the primary clinical endpoint (≤ 4 sites with PD ≥ 5 mm). The percentage of BOP decreased from 49.08 (CI95% 36.06; 62.1) at T0 to 12.97 (CI95% 7.57; 18.37) at T3. The mean number pockets with PPD≥ 5 mm and PPD≥ 7 mm decreased significantly, from 46.0 and 20.6 at T0 to 11.5 and 2.8 at T3 respectively (p < 0.001).

Conclusions: The OSFMI protocol led to clinical results comparable to those obtained with traditional SRP. Researchers are encouraged to test this protocol in randomized clinical trials with longer periods of observation.

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